an ode to brewer's yeast

August 25, 2015

How do I love thee? 
Let me count the ways, 
I love the to the depth and height my bottles can reach.  
When feeling as though my supply would never be what it was,
you made it happen. 
A month of fenugreek and terrible hunger and I got nothing,
but thee lovely brewer's yeast produced. 
A five ounce bottle after a month
of lowly two and one ounce bottles was just what I needed 
to see at 2AM. 

Oh dearest brewer's yeast, 
it seems I'll be eating thoust lactation cookies for the next six months. 


But seriously, a straight month of not producing like I was in May and one batch of cookies later and I got a 5 ounce bottle! Wha what! 

Now to go out and buy ALL THE BREWER'S YEAST.