Five on Friday

July 10, 2015

It's been an eventful week around here. 

The new AC was put in, our bank account and Jeremy will probably be crying in a corner for quite some time now. 

We got really lucky though because they were finished installing just in time for bible study to start (our beloved leader is visiting family so we became the meeting place) so everyone didn't have to watch each other melt. 

With photo books being the thing these days, and admittedly I own one so I'm not bashing here, and everything thing being digital... I've found myself missing hard copies of photos. 

I miss going to the 1 hour photo and getting prints from my disposable camera. 

So when it came to getting photos together for Harrison's photo album I skipped the photo book, after uploading pics to one and making it maybe twice, and went with hard copy prints. 

I used Social Prints and am really happy with them, I printed out every belly pic and baby picture I liked up to the end of month 3 and it only cost about $37 to print and ship. (and I'm not getting paid to say any of this or share links, I just love them.)

Mom and Joshua were in the end of last week and beginning of this one. 

I gave myself a little practice round of what life will be like when Harrison is 4-5 and we have #2, and I have to say it isn't that bad. Buggie space is an issue, but 5 year old are much more agreeable and can be coaxed. 

Depending on his mood. 

But there's hope for a tiny bit of help with the next baby ha! 

Whole30? How's that going? 

I'd say pretty good. 

I did slip up yesterday because I tasted the dessert I was making for bible study to see how it turned out, but you can't exactly serve people homemade caramel in something and not check to see if you burned it. 

The photo above is PaleOMG Enchilada Chicken Stew, and I promise you it was good. The leftovers are getting frozen and saved for lunches when school starts. 

I got tired of looking at my hand-me-down end table in its outdated stain that I got from my parents ages ago, so I finally decided to do something to it. 

In true to Emily decor, I painted it white. 

My obsession with white is pretty bad. If our house wasn't already painted some really neat colors inside I never would have thought to paint them that, it would be shades of gray and white. 

Ignore my backwards before and after... my brain was skipping yesterday. 

Someone has his first diaper rash, so we did what Gigi (my mom) said and left his booty out to dry. Harrison really enjoyed not having a diaper on and actually endured a longer tummy time than I can typically squeeze out of him. 

I keep seeing where people have used coconut oil for diaper rash, has anyone tried it? I use the stuff for everything else!