An Uneventful 4th

July 7, 2015

We didn't do much this year, blame it on the baby and his nap schedule. 

Or blame it on the ran that kept us from being motivated enough to head to Lafayette for what all was actually happening

We just stayed in and grilled and played with someone who was coming off of Wonder Week 17 and acting every bit of the description. 

Gigi brought us a ton of teething toys and an exersaucer. 

Praise the Lord!! 

Someone has more toys and is much happier with the change in what is placed in front of him. 

Those pics were Friday, on Saturday we stayed in our super patriotic turtle pajamas. 

It's possible that I'm the only mother in the South that didn't have her child in some sort of American flag get-up that matched the whole family. 

We just weren't on our A game this year. 

Instead we stayed in and made the baby laugh between cutting up a watermelon and flipping ribs on the grill. 

Someone obviously thinks Daddy is the best thing ever. 

Then he noticed my camera. 

Hence not having a video of him really talking or laughing. 
It's also why there aren't pics of him looking directly at the camera and smiling. 

Just a little bit of dinner, ribs with Against All Grain BBQ sauce (recipe), Potato Salad (this recipe for my Whole30), BBQ beans for everyone else, cucumber salad, rolls, grilled corn, and watermelon. 

I was limited on what I could have with Whole30, but that AAG BBQ sauce and the Bon Appetit Potato Salad were awesome! 

 The 5 year old who adores having his picture taken. 

We ended the night putting little dude to bed and taking big dude outside to watch the neighbors pop their really big fireworks. 

That, that's something the 5 year old was into. 

And the garage door, he thought his Uncle Jeremy's garage door was the coolest thing ever. 
(they have a carport at their house)