4 Months

July 3, 2015

Harrison hit the "I've survived to 4 months with these parents" mark last Saturday. 

Granted, these pics were taken this morning because Louisiana weather is so sketchy that I've had to wait days for the right light. 

 This month you started rolling over really well, but still aren't a fan of tummy time.

I started letting you tummy sleep and you prefer it over anything else, however you did roll over during a nap once and spook yourself.

Liking screaming like someone bit you freaked out!

You talk non stop and first thing in the morning is the most difficult time of day to feed you because you want to talk to me the whole time.

We're convinced you're saying Hey at us, and yes I know 4 month olds don't talk, but you're babbling sure sounds like it when we say it to you.

 You weight 15lbs and are in size 2 diapers! You are also wearing all 6 month clothing now.

You're chewing on everything and slobbering all over the place. You can reach and grab things to put them in your mouth really well.

You'll smile real big, but I've made you laugh once.

Like you're aunt you just don't find us that funny. She was the same as a baby.

 Ellie is always in your business, as you can see from the pic above. While we were taking pictures you tried to roll but Ellie sat in your way and kept you from moving.

You like to sit up and can't stand it when we make you lay down. Gigi brought you an exersaucer this week and you love it so much more than the other baby gear.

 You like to be worn in the Ergo carrier, but only if you're sleepy or if I'm shopping. Once you're wide awake you want to be out and people watching.

Speaking of people watching, you went out to eat with your Great-Grands this week and did great until you wanted to look around... so we took you out... and you were happy people watching until everyone had left the restaurant except for us.

You're sleeping pretty good for your age and being that you're exclusively breastfed. You tend to wake up around midnight wanting your paci put in, then you eat at 3am and you're good until 6am. I'm going to be sad when I go back to work and you go to a sitter because I'm afraid that you'll quit sleeping from 6am to 8:30.

That extra hour I get in the morning is a lifesaver.