Spring Cleaning... the Bathroom

May 6, 2014

It's spring, and that typically means I go on a cleaning frenzy around the house.

Just the typical dusting, cleaning windows, wiping down ceiling fans, and cleaning mattresses.

After digging in the cabinet the other day and pulling out something that expired in 2010... yes when we still lived in Monroe, I decided it was high time to spring clean something other than the dust bunnies.

I started in the fridge and took out every condiment that was so old it could have grown it own legs and walked to the trashcan itself by now. Then I realized the bathroom actually has some of the oldest things in this entire house.


I still have makeup from high school, that I haven't worn since high school. Every purple and glitter eye shadow on the market that was even remotely Baby Spice approved. Like early high school makeup. I then had a huge realization, I'm a makeup hoarder.

It all had to go.

Next on the list, the razors.

I'm currently sporting two in the shower. One older one from a blog review when we first moved to Thibodaux that I ran out of blades for a few months ago. I didn't toss the handle just yet with the anticipation of buying new cartridges for it, it would help if I could actually remember the name of this razor though. Then sitting on top of the old is a terrible disposable women's razor.

It's so terrible that when I shave my legs they feel like fireballs before I even step out of the shower.

I seriously have got to remember the name of my old razor.

So, now that we know what I need to spring clean out of the bathroom, tell me yours. Are you a makeup hoarder too? Or do you use razors until they start to rust?

I was asked to write this post by Dollar Shave Club as part of their interactive campaign "Spring Cleaning for Your Bathroom." I was not compensated in any way, I just love their site and hilarious videos and was willing to participate when Cassie asked me:)