I Heart Pinterest Wednesday

May 14, 2014

We have finally hit the single digits people, officially 8 days of work left. That's totally bearable, because for the next two months I get to wake up when I want, eat when I want, and workout twice a day without feeling exhausted.

I typically only make it once a day during the school year at best.

This summer I'm looking forward to another marathon of working out like I did with some friends a few years ago. Those girls had me biking, swimming, and walking a ton of miles every day.

I have a gym membership here, but the treadmill just doesn't compare to walking in the dim light and freezing temps of the Civic Center in Thibodaux. Hands down my favorite thing to do is walk my 10,000 steps for the day there listening to random podcasts!

Now on to the pinning.

I feel like I'm quite the queen of DIY projects that never get completed... hence that leather from two years ago sitting in my sewing kit. Don't even ask. Also, don't ask about this sewing kit, or the sewing machine that quit working and is now being used to hold my Kitchenaid mixer. I'm a hot mess most days! 

Back to the point, I'm adding these to my "never going to be completed" diy list.

I love the colors of this dining room, it would also work great in a living room. 

 I have no plans of living in a house with carpet ever again, but just in case that happens this would come in handy. Wish I would have known this when I had that first townhouse and Ellie was potty training. 

Need to make, need to make, need to make!

I'm making this as soon as I have a free weekend or a few hours after work that I don't feel like I was running from a tornado for the entire day. I think I want to take the 3 pieces of beadboard from the tutorial and hinge them on the back so I can store it easy. 

I am in love with these sleep shorts, Jeremy's remark was that they weren't sexy enough. Sorry dude, but you know I ain't sleeping in sexy. I thought I made that clear years ago ha! If ever I could hypnotize him to believe anything it would be my taste in night wear.

This is going to be on next week's menu. I have't made anything that took much work lately and this seems interesting enough to make! Then again, I'm saying all of this before my marathon baking this weekend. 

I've said for a year I was going to get a media kit together and haven't done it. This summer it's on my blog to do list for sure. 

This needs to be filed under "things my mother said" and hung on my classroom wall. 

Did you see the recipe for Mexican Cornbread last week? You should:)

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