Five on Friday

May 30, 2014

With it finally being summer it doesn't seem right to say High Five for Friday. If anything it's more of a "Please go by as slow as possible summer!" 

1. The first week of summer has been the perfect blend of busy, yet not actually busy. Our Sunday School class had a little get together last Saturday for Memorial Day. BBQ and good friends always make for a great afternoon.

2. I had a fun pedi/lunch date with my teacher friends. They're more like friends who just so happen to be teachers, so we celebrated the end of the year together. None of us actually work together. We had lunch at Zoe's and then hit up Indulge in Lafayette. Let me just tell you, their cupcake milkshakes are a whole new way to describe amazing. Best milkshake I've ever had for sure.

3. Two of my pics actually come from out little outing Wednesday. The guys actually didn't want us to go to town, the weather was awful and there was flooding everywhere. Well the direction we drove wasn't bad at all and it was completely blue skies the whole afternoon. Good thing we didn't chicken out and stay in New Iberia.

4. One of the meals I made this week was deemed a keeper by Jeremy, and if you've been reading here long you know he doesn't deem much to be a keeper. The biggest difference between the two of us is my need for healthy and his need to not eat how I do. I'm a whole wheat, chia seed, kombucha kind of gal while he tends more towards the mashed potatoes, fried chicken, and country cooking realm. I'm just accepting my place as the crunchy person in the family and plan to raise a house full of crunchy kids too. Here's the recipe we both loved... click here.

5. Last night I made another batch of my Pearl St. Salad Dressing. It got me thinking, mainly because I recently had a comment that it wasn't their exact recipe, and I was slightly irritated. I've had this recipe since high school, and I actually quit eating at Pearl St. since the house dressing was the only reason I ever went. The recipe I was given was that close to the real thing, as in tastes exactly like it to me. If you worked there and know the real thing why not say what's different. That's mainly why I doubt the comment, people just love to say whatever when guarded by the internet. Kind of like the people on Pinterest who freak out of something isn't from scratch. I almost want to comment and tell people to get over themselves... but don't. Then again I guess I just did.

Then again if I've learned anything from blogging it's that if a post has a ton of comments people are complaining about something. All the comments might not be fussing, but I promise there will be one or two snarky people in there.