I Heart Pinterest Wednesday

May 7, 2014

It's Wednesday, and of course this far into the week Murphy's Law has taken over so much that I'd like to hurt Murphy down and beat him senseless. 

That about sums up this week so far. 

So let's talk about something more pleasant... what I've been pinning:)

First up, not only do I want this... I want two of these just in case the first one gets worn out. 

This needs to be changed to without Jesus and Ice Cream, because this two would sum me up in a shirt. 

Has anyone got a good cast iron skillet cleaning method? I feel like I've been searching for one for ages and have yet to be satisified. 

I really want to make this coffee table, in an honestly going to make it not drool over it kind of way. 

Churro Milkshakes sounds divine, absolutely divine! The recipe calls for coconut rum, and I'm not a big fan of alcohol in my milkshake so I'm assuming you could add some coconut extract and maybe rum extract to get the same flavor. Maybe even skip the rum extract. Random side note, but I love pina coladas, but I've learned they are not all made equal. I prefer them without alcohol and homemade. I need to post that recipe one day, I gained so much weight in college on those non alcoholic pina coladas. 

I am obsessed with sweet potatoes, other than in french fry form white potatoes just don't appeal to me. I think it's the fact that they only taste like what's put on them, while sweet potatoes have their own amazing flavor. This particular side dish sounds like it's right up my ally and ending up on our meal plan next week.