U by Kotex Sleek Review

July 4, 2013

Recently I was sent a box of U by Kotex Sleek to test out and "Do the Demo." 

Being that I have stuck to the same tampon brand for years it was a huge step to try out a new product, especially for this topic. No one wants something to go array during that time of the month. 

Toothpaste, sure. Tampons, makes me nervous. 

From the get-go I was impressed with Kotex. In the past I've used their panty liners, but I have never touched their tampons. Honest to goodness, I'm a convert.

I haven't always used tampons, I didn't find them to be comfortable in the past. It wasn't actually until I worked outdoors one summer and the sweltering Louisiana heat mixed with sweating like crazy landed me a awful rash from using pads. The next day I jumped on the tampon bandwagon.

It took a bit of time to find a tampon I liked, and like I said I tend to not change unless given great reason to.

I was iffy on the notion, but I tested them out for a week while on my feet and unable to attend to any mistakes all that easily. Needless to say the protection was awesome. No slipups what so ever, even on the evening I was teaching at VBS and couldn't escape the classroom all that easily.

Now while these tampons are the super plus variety, they don't seem like it at all. I vividly remember being in junior high in the late 90's and seeing a super tampon, it was massive and I really wondered why anyone would want to inflict such pain upon themselves.

Lucky for us U by Kotex Sleek has brought tampons to a new era.

One of the biggest first impressions for me was the super easy to open wrapper.

I honestly don't want to sound like a commercial here, but really, it is the easiest to open wrapper I've ever used. I once dropped my only tampon in a toilet while fighting a wrapper, this wrapper put up no such fight.

With the wrapper opening so easily and actually opening up the full width of the wrapper it allowed me to easily hide the applicator back into the package as to toss it in the trash discretely.

Now remember with me the horrors of tampon applicators in the 90's.

I seem to recall a lot of cardboard and even a few with no actual applicator.


U by Kotex Sleek is seriously like no other when it comes to their slim applicator. When I first got the box I knew it said super plus, but when I pulled out the first tampon I second guessed it for a second.

Even with it's sleek size U by Kotex doesn't sacrifice absorption power. Instead you get comfort and ease in a full size tampon that doesn't seem massive.

I was also slightly shocked when I first felt the grip on the applicator, it is soft and rubbery in a way that will keep your for slipping and risking losing that tampon to the potty.

We've all dropped one at some point, and it isn't pretty.

U by Kotex's no slip grip and soft tip allows for easy insertion and "just right" placement the first time.

Overall I am extremely happy with U by Kotex Sleek and plan to switch my loyalties over to this brand from now on. As great at the super plus absorbed I can't wait to try out the regular and super next time.

With "that time of the month" being as miserable at it is there is no reason to make the tampon aspect of it miserable as well, U by Kotex Sleek took the worry out of it and replaced it with a super sleek, super comfortable tampon.

If you'd like to try out U by Kotex Sleek for yourself check out their website to request a free sample!

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I wrote this review while participating in a content series through Clever Girls Collective on behalf of U by Kotex, and received products to facilitate my post and compensation for my time to participate.