High 5 For Friday

July 12, 2013

1. Last weekend we went to the lake with our friends Luke and Staphanie, basically we mooched off their awesome digs for a day or two. We had a blast though, there is nothing more relaxing than being at the lake. Hands down favorite part was when Stephanie and I got up Saturday morning and kayaked around the lake, talk about a good workout. I was sore for two days after it.

I thin I need a kayak.

2. I decided to make my own mayo, I used extra virgin olive oil but will definitely be trying it out with a lighter oil soon. Once I get it perfected I'll post the recipe. I don't know if you can see the black specs in it... but I put a ton of pepper in it. This stuff would seriously make an awesome pasta salad.

3. We've talked a bit about me signing up at a gym again in a few months. I've always been a gym rat and the past two years of home workouts have finally driven me insane. Plus it doesn't help that I have yet to figure out what box my yoga dvds are in.

Anyway, this week Jeremy randomly told me I could go ahead and join a gym, that it would give me something to do for the month before school starts and it wouldn't hurt to join earlier than we had planned. This was music to my ears and almost as good as the words "you can quit your job."

Not that he as said those, or that he would, but in theory it's the best thing you could say.

4. We hit up the snowcone stand in New Iberia this week (while also on a hunt for dog food bowls that Ellie can't move around so easily) and found the best ice on earth. Seriously, snowcone ice is a deal breaker for me, but if you have awesome ice I will be your best customer for life. Their ice mixed with Strawberry Shortcake flavoring was heaven!

5. Last night we drove the long 3 hour ride to my parents house for the weekend to make our annual summer pilgramiage before Jeremy starts his new job. Jeremy broke out a game called Mau, or whatever, kind of sounds like Meow. I spelled it Mow on IG last night and was picked on terribly by my sister and husband. As usual everyone else picked up on the game except me... and I've played more than my sister who had never played.

I'm just not a card game gal, I have zero attention span and a lame short term memory.

On the up-and-up Joshua came out of the cabinet with some squeeze frosting, heaven!

What were your favorite moments from the week?