Things That Make Me Say Yeay!

February 24, 2013

This weekend I got the chance to go to Pierre Part (if you watch Swamp People...that's the place) for a women's conference. We are good friends with the children of the pastor of the church, and this was my first time to go, plus it was the first time to hear their mother Mrs. Cheryl speak. Y'all, this woman is amazing, I just love talking to her anyway...but God spoke to me through every word she said this weekend. 
I completely identified with her when she was speaking about identity and where we get our identity from. She told a story about how she actually use to teach school before deciding she needed to stay home with her children. That is something every woman in the world struggles with, but for her to have been a teacher it just spoke volumes to me. Granted we don't have kids, and I'm not pregnant, but at this age one really starts evaluating what you'd do and how you'd do it. I know in the next few years we will buy a house, the amount we can spend and the type of house we buy could greatly change due to whether or not I'm teaching. When I come to that fork in the road I will have to make sure I am listening to God about staying home or working. I know women can be amazing mother's in both instances, but every one is different. It is a matter of discovering which one you are. 

I'm not going to go on too long, I'll just share my notes later in the week. I joked with her daughter-in-law Brittany all weekend that the tissues were in our bag because she planned to make us cry:) 
Here a pic I stole from Brittany:) I loved spending time with these girls, it is so funny how going to a conference suddenly makes you feel like you've had some extended weekend when you didn't. The always super cute lady all the way to the left is Beth, she blogs too, and you should read her. I love this girl so much, she is the mom to two sweet boys and her hubby is an awesome preacher. 

It is funny how life changes and never goes how you expect it to. In high school and most of college I never saw myself where I am right now. I definitely never thought I'd be a teacher, and I had no clue what I would do. I never thought I'd marry a man who was so involved in ministry. I definitely never thought I'd be friends with a group of ladies who have hubbies in ministry either. Life is an odd thing. 
Something else that made me super happy this weekend...Target. I mentioned it on IG, but if it wasn't for the little blog advertising checks I get on occasion I think I would have lost my mind already in this phase of life. I am a shopper, it cheers me up when I'm sad and fills that ugly void in my kitchen that is lacking cute things at times. It can't exactly be described as a shopping problem, because, well, I don't do it much. I use to do it much more, but I lived near a Dirt Cheap and could search, just the searching part of shopping makes me happy. My mother swears I have been like this since I was old enough to sit up in a stroller, she said even at 2 I would sort through racks of clothes like I was actually going to buy something. When we moved here however, we knew money would be tighter while Jer was in grad school and agreed to not spend. If it wasn't for that little bit of blog money that comes in every so often I would honestly have lost it by now. It is like some bizarre prison to not be able to go and do as I please, especially after years of being single and even a year of marriage when I could basically shop as I pleased. Granted I'm too cheap to spend much, but it is the idea that I can. I like the idea of freedom more than the actual act of being able to do whatever. 

Alright, I'm ending this odd rant. Blame it on that fact that I am a cross between hormonal and the fact that while I want to like birthdays I never actually have. Tomorrow is B-Day, or D-Day for that matter, and if I can make it out of this one undisturbed and having not heard that awful song I will consider it successful.