Prayer Requests

February 14, 2013

While I'd love to write some sappy post about how much I love my husband today, that just isn't what's on my mind. It seems that in the past year and the month and a half of this year the most common news is about bloggers and IRL friends losing spouses. It has just been a hard year for many that I know, so let's just take today to be thankful for the support systems we have, and for those of us lucky enough to have a living breathing spouses. I want us to pray for the family's of the widowed, that they have the right words to say to those experiencing heartache today, and pray for those that have lost spouses. I don't imagine it ever gets easy, no matter how many years past. 

I am just thankful to God that through the pain and heartache the world throws at us that I am lucky enough to have my husband with me today, because we aren't promised tomorrow. This year has definitely taught me that. I know there is a hope and peace that come from having people pray for you, so will you join me in praying for these people below?

*Our family friends, The Kunkles, are desperately in need of prayer today. Mr. Ken has been in the hospital a few days now and is in ICU. I spoke to his oldest daughter Kendra last night and she told me he isn't waking up, his white blood count is down. My mom sent the church email and as of early Wednesday morning his fever was extremely high and he is in septic shock. Pray for comfort for his sweet wife Melissa. I adore this family and am praying for a miracle, we need Mr. Ken healed and home to be with his children. 

*A friend of Jeremy's, Steven Burney (of Monroe), died this past week in a motorcycle accident. Services for him are today. He leaves behind his wife Courtney and their baby. 

* Remember our sweet blog friend Julee Turner. She lost her husband late last year. 

* A close friend of ours (The Lavergne Family) has lost both of his uncles in the past three months. Pray for his family, I know this has been very tough for them. 

I know there are several other bloggers who have lost spouses this year, as well as friends of friends as well. If you have prayer needs please list them in the comment section so we can all be in prayer for them.