Oh Downton, do we really have to wait a full year to see you again?

February 16, 2013

Let's go ahead and have a nice little moment of silence for the fact that tomorrow is the season 3 finale of Downton Abby. 

How PBS expects us to live another entire year until we found out what Mary and Matthew are up to, and how baby Sybil is doing is beyond me. If ever there were a show I could watch day in and day out it would be anything involving the Crowley's. 

Since I've had off this week I made it my own personal quest to watch all of Season 1, 2, and 3 before the finale Sunday night. Needless to say Season 1 is much easier to come by, but if you are searching for 2 and what is currently 3 and can't get PBS online to play them, Amazon Prime is the way to go. You can get a month free, and I promise it is giving Netflix a run for it's money...and I am in the midst of convincing Jeremy that we need it for permanent use. I at least know that once our horrid Direct TV contract is up we are done and moving on to greener pastures. 

In my re-watching I had completely forgotten about that terrible officer who knocked up Ethel (granted I remember the incident...but it made me want to punch him again). I had a vague recollection of the Spanish flu that kicked Lavinia in the butt and restored the Crowley's marriage. Granted it seems like all aristocracy is into having a mistress, but Lord Grantham just seems like such an honest man.

What about Thomas getting all high and mighty just because he had been to war an was lucky enough to managed the house? Didn't you love seeing him blow his earnings on plaster dust and being forced to come back on as a servant? However, if Ms. Patmore's nephew had to be gunned down as a coward it is a bit ridiculous that no one found Thomas out about intentionally getting shot in the hand out of fear. 

While he is incredibly handsome....he is such a jerk. 

Then again, while Matthew started the show at less than handsome to me, as a married man his character has turned a corner into quite the hottie. Dan Stevens, while I've never been one for blonde's (yes, I know I married one...he is the exception the rule), you are gorgeous!

Source: vman.com via Ellora on Pinterest

I think I may start making Jeremy wear a morning jacket and dress for dinner. 

Now for my favorite actress on earth, Maggie Smith. The woman is stunning in any role she plays, and I promise if you watched this series for any reason what so ever it should be for Maggie's portrayal at the Dowager Countess. She definitely took the British sass that I loved her for in Harry Potter and kicked it up a level for the Dowager. Instead of the Emmy she got she should have just been handed them all, honestly. Her character alone is what I will base myself off of when I become an old woman, Lord help me I want to become that ridiculously staunch and witty granny she plays!

It is terribly tragic that they just had to kill off Sybil this season, of all the characters to bag why didn't we let Lady Edith run off with old Strallan? At least they are keeping Branson around. I thought I was going to have to take up sending PBS hate mail if they just did away with Branson after Sybil's death. One doesn't simply drag out that forbidden romance for 2 seasons and nix it the third. 

Needless to say I have spent the whole season, since the death of Sybil, waiting on Branson to give the baby up to Mary and Matthew since they don't seem to be in the business of producing an heir anytime soon.

Is it sad that I am slightly hating that they have full on moved to the 20's fashion? It makes me think they the show won't go on for very many more seasons. We just can't keep the Dowager alive till the 50's, please PBS quite jumping years every dang episode! We need this show to go on forever, or at least back track and tell us more about Carson and his relationship with the family when the girls were young. 

I'm going to go watch the Season 2 finale and begin Season 3 for a second time before I am forced to drink tea on a Sunday night while wondering just what the servants have up their sleeves for a whole other year. Sigh*

Check out this video of the cast discussing Season 3!

How do you feel about Downton Abby? Are you a hardcore fan...or like my husband do you not see the point?