Happy 4 Years of Blogging to Me

October 31, 2012

Four years ago I started this little blog on a Halloween afternoon after class one day in my little townhouse. I was engaged, and not a single one of my bridesmaids lived within even an hour of me. This was how I planned to communicate wedding ideas with them. By being a cheesy blogger.

Somehow on that journey to marriage others found my blog and began to read. By the time the wedding came to be friends were wondering what it would look like all pulled together, they had only seen bits and pieces on the blog. 

I remember taking pictures in my Mom's wedding dress and posting them. I also remember the struggles that go with wedding planning that didn't air. I sort of wish I had shared them back in the day when very few people read. 

It is funny how real you can be with hurting people's feelings isn't an issue. Needless to say everything I've wanted to say has not been posted. I've written a lot of draft posts. A lot. But in that this has been a diary for 4 years. 

After we were married friends encouraged me to keep the blog, I thought about changing the name, but never found the right one. So I've stayed Louisiana Bride through thick and thin, through blogging that made me happy, and blogging that I felt like I had to post to just get something out once a week. 

Now after 4 years and many changes I am still Louisiana Bride and I feel like I finally know who I am as a blogger. 

I'm not a mommy blogger.
I'm not a fashion blogger.
I'm not a big name blogger. 

I am a lifestyle blogger who shares recipes, clothing, and life. I'm real with y'all, and I am glad you have stuck around over the years. I'm also very happy about all my newbie blog friends:)

I feel so young in the blog world, but so old at the same time. Things have changed so much over the years in exciting ways. I feel like such a cheese ball saying that I blog, and I don't think that will ever change. 

Let's face it, I am just a cheese ball who has been sharing embarrassing moments for 4 years. You can't claim I am out to make myself look good. I just hope y'all don't think I rant too much.

Anyway, thanks for reading my little Louisiana Bride blog. It makes me oh so happy to see new friends and comment-ers around here:)