31 Days of Frugal Meals // Day 12 Grilled Pizza

October 12, 2012

Maybe it is just how we spent Friday nights as a kid, but Friday night says pizza to me. Kids love it, adults love it, and generally no one complains when pizza shows up. When we lived in Monroe we would have little pizza dates in bed and watch movies on the weekend, in those days it was actually cheaper to buy a pizza than to make it. Plus Johnny's tastes way better than homemade, and there are very few things I'd rather have in the not homemade format. 

Pizza can easily be one of the most expensive meals of the week, if you get take out. We recently spend $35 dollars on pizza one Friday night. Then again you can make it at home and get so fancy pants that it is still massively overpriced. Pizza is just one of those things, it is what you make it. Dough is cheap and easy always, but toppings is where it gets out of hand. 

I like to keep it simple when making pizza at home, one of my favorite flavor combos is tomato and goat cheese. When we were in Italy I ate one of two pizzas prosciutto and potato (which I thought was either squash or pineapple at first) or traditional Margherita. I suggest if you really want to go cheap take the Margherita route. 

You can bump the pizza up another notch ( I feel like Emeril after typing that out, I swear it sounded okay when I thought it lol) by grilling the crust. It will add a crunch and flavor that the regular oven won't give you, and truthfully it will make your pizza have a texture much closer to the pizzas I ate while we were in Naples...crunchy and light. So try it out, grill your pizza; and save money by choosing cheap toppings!

Grilled Pizza

I don't have any changes for today, pizza is as frugal as you make it. I just suggest going traditional and making a Margherita pizza!