A Bullet Point Update & a Knockoff North Face Jacket

October 29, 2012

This blog has been so chock (is that how you spell it?) full of recipes this month I haven't shared much from daily life. Easy for me, then again I am never sure what people find interesting around here anyway. One of my most read posts is one that I deem highly uninteresting myself. To each their own:) 

- Thanks for 31 Days my little blog has seen massive growth lately. I've gained a few followers, but pages views are high, to me they are high. Thank y'all so much, it makes my little blogger heart very happy. By the way if you read I would love for you to follow on Google Friend Connect so I can follow you back, I always love to know who is reading. You don't have to have a Blogger account to follow, you can also sign in through your Google account and new posts will be delivered to your Dashboard. It has also recently been brought to my attention that you can follow with Google Friend Connect using your Twitter account, as well as many other accounts. 

- I have been freezing lately at school and my beloved jean jacket just isn't cutting it anymore these days. I have wanted a North Face forever, but the cost is just unbearable in this phase of life. Lucky for me other stores have started carrying them, for instance WalMart has a knockoff that very closely resembles North Face. I am hoping to get my monogram on it to make it even prettier! So today I broke down and paid a whopping $13 for a blue fleece jacket to save my poor freezing self during school hours. They absolutely refuse to turn the heat on at work and the kids and I spend the entire winter bundled up indoors. Not cool. 

- I've been taking Saffron Extract to help lose the 5-10lbs that is stuck to me for dear life. I'm about to start month three of it and have seen how it helps. I initially lost about 7 lbs over two months but gained almost 5 back in the past month due to stress. It has really helped to curb my appetite  which I have a huge problem with. I can eat for days and never feel full, it's a family problem. Initially I was sleeping better and I could tell it was elevating my mood but I think recent stress has caused that effect to diminish. I just bought another 3 months worth of it, so let's see if I can hit my goal weight by Christmas. My step-Grandmother-in-law lost 19 pounds between July and the end of September taking it. Saffron extract is completely vegan and a natural herb, so it is no at all causing the same damage I saw happen as a result of taking a certain diet pill years ago. My metabolism just never came back after taking that stupid Hydroxycut garbage. I wish I could have convinced college Emily that she didn't weigh enough to take that mess. 

- With that said, stress has been beating me in the face lately. Good an bad stress. I am currently categorizing work as bad stress and ministry as good stress. Either way it gets to you. I feel almost bi-polar bouncing between church and work. Being at church around our friends and the youth ministry make me almost elated happy, while teaching makes me cringe. I can't hardly stand it, the stuff the state is putting on public school teachers is absurd. I don't feel nearly as educated as the paper work claims I am. I seriously think of resume Emily and how Emily currently feels about teaching and view it as two separate people. I am just not enjoying it whatsoever and need to find a nice escape from the funk because like it or not I have 7 months left in this year and about 22 years until retirement. 

I had somewhere else I was going with this post but can't remember at all. Go figure. Blame the memory loss on stress. 

What causes you the most stress, and how do you cope?