October 20, 2011

Hey all! I ment to do a ton of posts lately, but have even lacked energy to do a link up. I've been making an attempt to clean up my eating, because being married to someone who could eat an elephant and never show is sure shows up on me. Welcome back Abs Diet. I'm sick. Thanks 4th grade. Oh the joys of moving and allowing your body to become immune to a whole new set of germs. I will forever stand by my comments about children being giant germ carrying sponges. Seriously, that hand foot mouth mess has kicked off a ton of children lately. All this makes me very bleach orientated...too bad you can't use it at school, where we really need it. I shall be disinfecting my home asap. 

In other news I am experiencing something I was told never occurred down here. Then again they said a lot of other things I don't believe. But anyway, when I got home and kicked out the dogs the other day it went from hot to this...
(Holy flying dachshunds the wind was blowing hard) freaking cold. The dogs don't know what to make of this weather change, especially the other day when the wind was blowing hard enough that I seriously thought there was a tornado and the lights went out. Not cool friends. Just so you know these two...
...didn't stay out of long in that weather. Within an hour, two tops, it went from 80 to about 60. Cray cray. 

How do y'all like Ellie boo boo's new do? She was starting to look a bit Cousin It-ish and I had to trim her hairy self.This other little demonic monster is totally up for grabs to anyone who needs their home turned upside down. Maddie has been on quite the tare, which includes but is not restricted to: peeing on my yoga mat, pooping in the house right after we let her in, pooping in front of my alarm clock-and then I step in it-in the dark, eating any and all cotton products in the trash, and last but not least swallowing a {clean} tampon {I hope} whole and pooping it out on my rug. Whole. How she pulled that last one off I will never know. She loves cotton so much it is hard to clean her ears without her attempting to eat the Q-tip.
So yeah, you can totally have her. She is on my last nerve, and she knows it. She keeps giving me her "I didn't mean to" look. 

Do you see why children are a no go around here? Lord help me if these two don't cause just as much drama as a kid. Who eats a whole tampon?!?

Oh, yet another reason why I've been bloggy M.I.A is because we have been doing a whole lot of this:
Lazy is key around these parts, especially with all the new shows on this season. 

Proof that I have a husband, since he is totally one of those guys that lets me take his picture, as you can tell from the over abundance of Jeremy pictures on the blog. I snuck one, which he wanted to delete, but I didn't.
Yes, that is what our bed looks like these days. Pillows and sheets everywhere, because I leave long before him and just want to crawl back in when I get home. School Psychology books all over the place. And a chair next to the bed because a nightstand is not enough storage space for him. We have an office, he even has one on campus. He just needs a chair next to the bed. I shall break him of this habit one day. 

Well I think that is about it. Tomorrow we have the last 5th Quarter, and I have fall festival at school. Seriously this is my schedule tomorrow: 

6am- get up
7:30am- get to work
3-leave work
6pm- go back to work for fall festival
8:30pm-leave school
9pm-be at the church
12am-5th quarter ends
hopefully be in bed by 2am

Not my kind of schedule, I like the whole nothing to do outlook. 

Next weekend is the Jazz half/5K which I am so not ready for. I haven't run all week and I haven't run a full mile straight in over 3 weeks. Boo.

Hope y'all have a good Friday, I have to go dig my dachshund out of the bathroom trashcan yet again.