31 days of positive/getting punched in the face

October 2, 2011

In case you missed yesterday's post. I am linking up with 31 days, my goal is to find something positive everyday to blog about. I am a big cynic, and this is my way of breaking my bad cynical habit.

I actually found a lot of positive today. I did catch myself mentally identifying negative things-and yes-thinking about them. However, overall it was positive.

For starters Sunday School was great-funny to call it SS after it was Life Group at First West for so many years to me.  

I cooked, not to brag, the best pot roast, mashed potatoes, and blackberry cobbler ever! I then proceeded to sleep it off only to wake up an hour later to eat some more and make myself sick. My brain has got to start shutting my stomach off sooner, or at least give me random cases of lock jaw. 

After cobbler round 2 I took yet another nap, only to wake up and walk the dogs, get punch in the face by my husband, and then get rewarded with a Starbucks caramel apple spice cider [which I assume was to make up for the potential black eye I am developing]. 

Now this is not negative, just hilarious. Which is why I am elaborating on it. [side note: I know  a lot of people don't like to pick on their relationship with their signification other, but ours is often times comical so I just have  to]

Yes, Jeremy punched me in the face while we were walking the dogs. How you ask? Well his sub-par dachshund/retractable leash skills finally got the best of him. You see, Jeremy walking a dog looks awfully like a Scott fly fishing in the highlands. Thanks to a few bikers Maddie took off across the street, and in walked Jeremy and his reeling-the-dog-back-in act. About the second time he pulled that arm back to reel himself in a furry one my eye got caught in the cross fire. I was then smacked with a fist/retractable dog leash. Yes, it hurt. Jeremy immediately thought I was crying and freaked out. But I just had to laugh at this one, we could have won the 100,000 on America's Funniest Home Videos had someone had a camera. 

Secretly I hope to have a black eye, just so I can say that my husband punched me. I will be jokingly holding this one over his head for quite some time. 

That all leads me to right now, sitting at my trusty Dell, sipping my apple cider, and blogging. Couldn't be a better day. 

This is totally random but I couldn't figure out how to fit it in the post...when I asked the guy at Starbucks what the Caramel Apple Spice was he told me, and I quote: "Hot apple juice with whip cream and a little caramel spice syrup." Starbucks dude, please don't ever try to work a high end restaurant, because with those descriptive skills you won't sell jack crap. It just cracks me up he said apple juice instead of cider. Okay, maybe that is just me finding funny in the nit picky things. 

What positive thing did you notice today?
Night y'all.