What I failed to blog about

August 11, 2011

Despite the current state of my blog this summer we have been doing things. Since we did actually exist, and I don't actually know what I blogged about I will cover all events in one post. Let's face it, with my track record this summer if I don't post it all now it will never happen.

Part 1
Aquarium in New Orleans

We took the kid. Wandered around. And got attacked by birds. This is also an accurate depiction of Josh at our house...chaos.

 A little girl decided to show him a bird. He personally loved it, I can't say the same for his Mother and I.
 We flipped the crap out when a bird landed on her stick. Seriously, everything was quiet in that crowded room and we were hooping and hollering!
End of Part 1.


Part 2
Meeting the new kid.
(anyone catch The Beatles Help movie reference? Didn't think so.)
We headed on over to Iberia Parish to see my new cousin while Mom and Laura were down. Joshua was not so fond of his Mommy holding another baby, but then again he gets the same jealousy feelings when she holds the dog. Laura was making the same face back at him by the way.

 Reid and his Mommy Brandi.
Event 3
The oh so despised event of the year.
Thank you guy who hit my car. You single handedly raised my car insurance and caused me to have two car notes at once. Full coverage was not in my 3 year plan. We also had to buy Jeremy a car since we found out the lemon on wheels actually had frame damage that was not reported to the state when it came on over from Texas. Nothing makes a graduate student and his wife more happy that having to buy two cars when your budget was planned out big time for the 3 year graduate school extravaganza.

Event 4
Wandering through the hills of Tennessee
We went to see my in-laws. Played with a baby. And went hiking somewhere that is much easier to hike in when it is frozen over and not burning up hot.

We did go to a wedding last weekend, but I was to lazy to put batteries in my camera so no pics. What did y'all do this summer?