Teacher Week: Monday & Tuesday

August 23, 2011

Since I am a day late I decided to combine these two posts together. Let's start with Monday, Meet the Teacher.

Meet the Teacher

Tell us a little something about you...

Hi, I'm Emily and I teach 4th grade in South Louisiana. 
Hi, Emily.
I am not usually a teacher blogger. I think I am still learning about teaching, I just may still be saying this in 20 years. I have a husband, Jeremy, who appears to be a career college student. We just moved so he could work on his specialist degree. We have two dachshunds, Ellie & Maddie, they run the house. Ellie thinks she runs the world. I love to cook, and love love love to read cook books. I love me some Beth Moore bible studies and can't wait for her next simulcast in September. Oh and if I could eat one thing everyday it would be homemade ice cream. 

How long have you been teaching...
This is my 3rd year of teaching. And needless to say teaching has been the most inconsistant career ever! My first year I taught 5th grade ELA in North Louisiana, then they did a district wide move about. Which sent me to another school teaching 5th grade Science and Social Studies. Then I graduated with my Master's of Arts in Teaching. I then promptly left and moved to South Louisiana to be with my husband who is in school here for a Spec. in School Psychology. Now I am teaching 4th grad ELA. And home girl loves her some ELA...but all this change has me in a mental tangle. However, I shall survive. 

What you might not know...
Teaching wasn't my first career idea. I actually love psychology, and I have a bachelors degree in it. When J is done with school I want to go back to either do educational diagnostician, librarian. If education drives me crazy enough I will attempt psychology again. I initially became a teacher to afford to put J thought grad school. 

What are you most looking forward to this year? 

Being in a different school. Last year was sheer hell. No seriously, sheer hell. Plus my kids this year are super sweet and smart:) Love them!

What do you need to improve?

I feel a little rusty in the ELA front, but it is only the 3rd week of school and everything is done completely different here. 

What teaching supplies can you not live without?

Post it notes. Plain and simple. I cannot for the life of me remember a dern thing.


Teacher Talk Tuesday

1. Avoid the teacher's lounge. Nothing positive ever happens there. The only bright side is the ie machine.

2. Make positive parent contacts. They will believe you a lot more if they know you actually like their kid.

3. Befriend the partner teacher. She is your only hope at having a person to trust. 

4. Trust no one, but be friendly to everyone. You never know who the rats are. Yes I realize this sounds like I am working with a bunch of spies, but if you don't want everyone to know it...never let it cross your lips.

5. Teaching is the easy part, the paperwork and "work work" is the hard part. If all I had to do was teach I'd be fine, but let me tell you we are in week 3 and I am lost as a person can be. The whole new aspect of the new parish is going to eat me alive, I've never had so many things to turn in in my life.

6. Have someone you can vent to. My poor husbands hears a lot of it. I am lucky to have a Mom who is in education and needs someone who understands too. We talk a lot about what is bothering us. But never, and I mean never vent to someone at work. It will bite you in the butt. 

That is all I can think of as of right now. What are your teaching tips?