Mississippi River Update-Vidalia

May 10, 2011

To start here is a pic of the river that I took the day before Christmas 2010. Notice where the river normally is in regard to the trees. In the first video link you will see those same trees pretty early in the video.
Now here are the links. They are to Facebook videos, let me know if you can't see them.
Both videos were taken today.

Now here a video from the Natchez, MS side.

As of 8:00 the river is currently at 57.76 feet and is excepted to crest at 64 ft. around the 22nd. 
Just so you know Silver St. usually sees some flooding when the river gets past 55, this happens every few years. The problem is that Vidalia never gets any big water issues. It is still amazing to me how people are freaking out about this when they have zero control over it. 

Now for some recent pictures form the Natchez Democrat.
This was taken at Old River on Monday. Again, keep in mind Old River floods yearly and 98% of the houses out there are on stilts. 
This is the grain elevator in town that is close to the river...and close to my grandfather's house.
Deer Park, this camp ground is owned by a good friend's family. Needless to say it is not protected by the levee and floods almost yearly.
Finally this is a big cause for concern. There are several farmers in our area and flood water is expected to stay on the farmland for quiet some time. As expected this is going to cause a lot of problems with this years crops. It is one thing to lose a home that is covered by insurance that can be replaced. But I imagine loosing your source of income as a farmer to flooding is a huge worry. 

Please pray for the Concordia Parish and Adams Country area. It is expected to get lots of damage even if the levee doesn't break. As you can see areas not protected by the levee are already being flooded.