2am arguments

May 15, 2011

This sinus infection is about to be the death of me. I have yet to sleep worth a darn in days, and last night was no exception. Since it was Saturday I thought I could get away with not taking anything to knock myself out. Big ole bad idea. At 3 am I was still up an ready to go. Dang you steroids! Get out of my body!

So around 2am I was bored and hungry. I was out of cheese sticks and cereal, and only had one pickle...so my usual midnight snacks we a no go. So I decided to venture into the kitchen and snatch up Jeremy's chips and dip. If I had only known I would be fussing with a dead asleep little kid version of the guy that fell asleep hours ago.

So I popped myself in bed with a big bag of chips, turned on History Channel and started munching away. Next thing I knew Jeremy was having a fit about me eating his chips. He kept telling me to put them and up stop eating them, but in a very whiney voice. I told him I'd but him more chips, he said "I don't want more chips I want those chips!" I finally got sick of his fit and put the chips up, came back to bed, and self medicated with benadryl in hopes of getting enough sleep and feeling well enough to go to church. Which didn't happen, I feel like crud today!

Anyway, I asked Jeremy today about why he threw such a fit about the chips. He doesn't know, he was asleep.

Since I am the type to talk in my sleep I can't judge, but I sure can laugh.

I do remember once when Jeremy was working nights that he came into the room late at night to give me a kiss. When he got up close to me I was apparently talking and woke myself up saying "I wasn't talking to you!"

I just hope I don't have sleep walking & talking kids. My poor Mom had many scares with me wandering around at night, I remember waking up on the kitchen table once. Shortly after that she put a child proof lock on the door.