May 18, 2011

-The last few days of school are pointless. The kids are insane. Grades are done. So why are we even here?

-Graduation is Saturday. But ULM doesn't put up grades until Friday. Makes no sense. I'll just wait until Friday to find out my GPA. Lord help me!

-This whole flood deal is just nuts. Our school cancelled a trip to New Orleans due to the flood. Do these people not know that the zoo is not under water? 

-The crest was lowered to 62ft. Good news. But why are people still leaving town?

- I need to lose weight before it catches up with me and I have to lose more. It is so funny to me how bad my weight fluctuates. Mainly on the up and up now that I am in my 20's. The fact that I am constantly hungry this week isn't helping the situation. I could eat a whole cow and still be hungry.

-Jeremy has agreed to let me toss out current couch. PTL!

-The dogs seriously need a bath. But I am waiting until we are moving so they leave and arrive clean.

-I don't like to drink my calories, but when Jeremy is around I tend to drink out of his tea pitcher when he isn't looking. I know gross right...but what isn't seen doesn't happen. Pop use to say the calories Nanny didn't see him consume didn't count haha!

-I need 4 more work free hours in a day, 2 for sleep and 2 for just hanging out without thinking about the fact that I should be asleep to get 8 hours of sleep.

-When is someone going to invent a calorie free Icee!