May 30, 2010

The infamous wedding book. It was the best idea anyone had given me, and it contained every detail, phone number and address for any and everyone involved from vendors to guest. And pics of everything  I liked or wanted for the wedding. 
The flower girl and ring bearer had a blast playing in the rocks. 
Our college pastor Whit and Jeremy.
The crazy groomsmen. 
Me and Regina Charboneau directing the whole deal. If you want to get married in Natchez go to her. She is an amazing chef and her plantation home Twin Oaks is one of my favorite in town. Fun fact about  Regina, her son says she has catered things for the Rolling Stones. 
My two best friends Gabby and Brittany harassing my sister as uaual. I feel so sorry for our siblings.
Nanny, Pop, and Mom. What was with all the black ladies?
The girls got a kick out of the flask I put in their gift, except for my underage sister who laughing because she got a juice box.
Technically we were married on the 29th but we dated it the 30th. In Mississippi you have to do blood work to get married...and I don't do needles. So I got married in Louisiana the day before haha.

Well that is the whole rehearsal day in photos. Now for the stress free wedding.