A year ago today-wedding day

May 30, 2010

A year ago today I married a guy who holds my hand as we walk through Target. Not because he is being sweet, but to keep an eye on me to prevent shopping impulses.
He also breaks glasses and attempts to hide it, but I keep a count on these things. Somehow we are short on silverware...but he swears he doesn't know what happened to them. Must be our "house troll".
The same guy is apparently taking the whereabouts of the missing Paula Dean Soup Crock to his grave. I know he broke it...but he has no idea where that went either.
He puts up with my craziness though, so I guess I can forgive the fact that he manages to lose my dishes and forks. And the good Lord knows I have a lot more crazy in me than any Paula Dean Soup Crock can hold.
But I love him and that is what matters. Plus the fact that he is a lot taller than anyone in my immediate family helps to increase offspring height potential. Okay that was a slightly Darwin thought, but survival of the fittest tends to do that to short people.

Sorry people if you want sappy you'll have to find another ex-wedding blog that is celebrating an anniversary. J tries to be romantic but it doesn't work out well being married to me.