Tummy Time

April 10, 2010

Not exactly what you expected? Well Ellie loves Joshua's activity mat just as much as any other baby. As soon as, and I mean AS SOON AS, we got to my parents house from the Catfish Festival today Ellie parked it here and has taken up shop on the activity mat.

Someone also started out very happy...then ended up very unhappy. Due to the current protest of naps. Well one lap around the block with me and his grandpa and this is what we ended up with.
Sorry for the quality, the flash wasn't working out for me. Little dude was clear out of it. I wound up having to walk around the house until he woke up because Laura didn't want to take him out.

Oh and here is a pic from last weekend I didn't get to post. Everybody after church on Easter Sunday.

{Jeremy, Mom, Laura, Joshua, Me}
Dad took the pic:)

Hope y'all have a great Saturday!