Blonde Moment

April 16, 2010

I just had a blonde moment so big I basically stroked out on the blonde moment scale.

As usual it suddenly hits me today that yet again it is the middle of the month and I have nearly forgotten about the motorcycle bill again. You might say "How do you forget the bill?" Well here is how, everything else is due at the begining of the month...except for the good ole Yamaha V-Star bill. So upon recognition of my forgetfulness I start paying bills and and head for stamps to find I am one short. No problem though I decided to just head on over to the post office buy more stamps and mail off the bills.

After driving over to the post office I get out, walk in and don't immediately see the stamp kiosk so I just run on over to mail them. I tried to stick all four bills in four times with no luck, one kept getting stuck on something. I should have had some sort of oh crap I need a stamp thought but no I kept going. So I stick them in one by one and merrily walk out of the place like I completed my task at hand, get out the door and realize what I had just done. Yup, I mailed a bill with no stamp. Luckily it was the cable bill that isn't due for a few weeks. But still, how on earth did I have that big of a brain fart?

Blonde stroke?
Oh, what is this mess about people not wanting to fill out the Census? I got wind today from my sister about some article in the local paper saying people won't fill out the Census form because it wants too much information. Seriously? That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard! Ours came in and was filled out in {literally} less than five minutes. Jeremy got home and didn't even realize it had already been filled out and brought it back inside.

Dear Idiot People, 

Fill out your Census form! You are complete idiots for not doing it. Writing your name and address and who on earth you are married to and gave birth to takes no time. If you don't want the government to know you exist, then don't exist. Until then, fill out the stupid form, or move to another country.