{diet hell}

April 13, 2010

When complaining to my mother this week about how I am not as skinny as I once was, not that I'm a heifer as of right now...but this body is doing it's best to work that way she simply replied "Welcome to your 30's." Yeah, I know I'm not in my 30's, hopefully my mother knows that too, but apparently this is the time in a girl's {particularly girls in my family} life that her body quits acting like she wants it too. Oh yay, I'm over joyed. Since I met Jeremy {hence forth the problem} I have fought weight off like a 5th grader fighting off homework. I hate my tall skinny husband's metabolism with a passion. Funny my Dad is a skinny mini as well, seems women in our family are trying to breed towards taller skinnier relatives. But lets get to the point.

I may not have said it but I am not a diet person. I like to just eat healthy, which tall skinny husband doesn't totally allow for around here with his Easter candy buying self. I know I've mentioned the ABs Diet on here before and I just love it. The whole book isn't about a "diet", it is more about eating a healthy balanced diet. Which I have done for quite some time before meeting Jeremy...who up until I started cooking for the boy ate Taco Bell religiously.

Here is a run down of what I eat in a normal week:
Breakfast-decaf latte with fat free milk and Splenda, whole wheat toast with hummus
Snack- orange
Lunch-Salad with Pearl St dressing, whole wheat crackers with Laughing Cow cheese, hummus and celery
Snack- banana, nuts, or a 100 cal pack of popcorn if I'm in the mood
Dinner- (last week) Aztec Casserole

Granted this may not be the healthiest thing on the planet, but it is hard to eat as super healthy as I did in undergrad college when I was single and didn't work during the week. So after many weeks of frustration with about 5-7 pounds that will not go away I am going on the extreme "so not healthy" diet this week. Allow me to demonstrate in pictures.

Breakfast-decaf latte w/ f-free milk and Splenda & Slim Fast



Snack: {solely to convince myself I'm not doing this...and it's not working for me}

Sugar-free Jello. I am eating it like crazy...and after all that sweet crap during the day I am dying for something else and that is when I hit up these puppies. 

For some reason I don't think I am going to make it through this week. What stupid wacky diets have y'all done?