Show Us Your Life-How We Met

April 23, 2010

This week at Kelly's Korner the topic is "How you met your husband". There are two sides to our is pretty funny when if you ever get the chance to hear us both argue the whole time we tell it together. Not that how we met is funny so much as how delusional Jeremy is about it is funny.

To start with, we are both Psychology major and officially met in Dr. Stephen's Perception class. According to Jeremy we were on the same Jeopardy team every test week in that class...I was too busy arguing with my ex-boyfriend in there to even tell. Plus I usually sat in the front and argued about answers with people. Jeremy on the other hand isn't as outspoken.

At the end of that semester I ran into Jeremy outside Starbucks and told him that our little group of Psychology friends were all taking this senior psychology exit class together {once again can't remember the name of it} and that he should register for it too. Right about here is where he inserts his side of the story about how I stalked him all the way to Starbucks and begged him to take the class and basically threw myself at him. Poor boy was sadly mistaken, I was simply being nice...I didn't even think he was cute.

Fast forward to the worst Spring semester on the face of the earth. This senior Psychology class sucked up a storm, we had to do several presentations...and the quickest way to a panic attack for me is to do a presentation. So the day comes and here it is time for me to present my big to-do about Eastern Religion, and I was freaking out. I realized Jeremy was scheduled to present the same day so I decided to get his number from a friend and start texting him death threats{complete joke}. He wound up presenting before me...only because I lied and said I forgot my flash drive. Somehow this led to him sending me a really stupid text message that night that read "What are the chances of a guy like you liking a girl like me?" Weird right? Honestly I don't remember much between that am him constantly wanting to hang out after that and trying to find anyway on earth to get him to not come over.

Well after much convincing by my best friend I decide to start willingly hanging out with Jeremy which leads to this big group date to a bowling ally. That was Monday, by Thursday everyone had backed out but us, so we went anyway. {allow me to add here I had no clue at this point he drove a motorcycle}

Shortly after that another "group" thing comes up and we all get tickets to see Jeremy's favorite band Emery. And once again everyone backs out but us....things were getting fishy. Not being the type to let people get us down we borrow my Dad's truck and head up to Little Rock, AR for the concert. It was probably the best date ever, and an actual "date" at that. Great concert too by the way, my sister informed me that I was a complete priss and dressed completely wrong for a screamo concert.

{me with the guy from Pierce the Veil}

{Jeremy and I at the concert}

After that we started dating and spending a lot more time together...kind of a memory lapse here because I really don't remember a whole lot until he left for Africa on a mission trip for three weeks. That was a pretty lame three weeks too. If I am left alone and bored bad things happen...I chopped my long hair way off into a short bob. Bad idea. It didn't look too hot. 

{the night he left for Africa, still had long hair}

After he got back from Africa all I can remember of that summer is waking up at 7am everyday and going to the gym. Next thing you know we got engaged.

{at church right after we got engaged, thanks Ashley for the pic it's the only one from that day}

After that there is another huge blur...grad school planning...graduation.
{wedding day}
Looking back on it I have no idea what the hurry was, although it didn't seem to go as fast as it did. We started dating March 16, 2008 and were engaged sometime in August then got married May 2009. 

I'd like to say that was the happiest day of my life and all I could think about was getting married but nope. I was terrified that I had to kiss a guy in front of my parents and grandparents. Awkward. 

Hope you guys have a great weekend!