{anti-bday fun}

February 28, 2010

So Thursday was my 24th birthday. Was I excited about it? No, way...but yes at the same time. Everyone in my family cat attest to the fact that over the years I have hated birthdays with a major passion, this hate died down once they stopped singing to me. As a kid/up until high school my grandparents would take me to Shonny's or Ryan's to eat for my birthday, and every year those retched servers would show up singing. It took a few years but eventually I became wise to the upcoming events. Even at my Mom's birthday dinner one year I heard the servers coming towards us clapping and immediately took off running for the bathroom. I don't care who's birthday it is, I don't want to hear that song.

I'd have you know my sneaky kids pulled a fast one on me and found out it was my birthday and the next day when I walked into homeroom those suckers started singing. I ignored the whole thing and went along as usual, after the 3rd out of tune rendition of "Happy Birthday" I finally turned around laughing and told them they would all recieve conduct marks if another word was spoken. I hate that song.

Last year at work the same thing was pulled on me...granted they sing to me every time I go into the restaurant now. I rarely go in there at night shift much now for that reason.

Other than the singing we had a great time, and when I say we I mean we. Thursday night J and I went to our favorite sushi restaurant Samurai and then stopped by Eskamo's for ice cream. My wonderful husband can read my mind because as my present he bought me a new scarf, candy, and new running shoes. I had mentioned wanting new shoes but never once told him what kind...and I'll have you know he come home with the exact pair I wanted, hot pink and gray shocks. Whoop whoop!

Saturday my Mom and I used my birthday as a perfect excuse to go get facials at the Riverfront Spa in Vidalia. Neither one of us had ever had a facial, I though I like massages...until I had a facial. I'm telling you now, go get a facial. It was the absolute best thing ever and my skin looks awesome today. Yesterday evening Pop came by and we all ordered Fish Fry and ate Dippin Dots cake, yum yum. That was another one of J's surprises. I told him every year I get a ice cream cake from Dairy Queen and I didn't think this year should be different{wink wink} and he trumped my cake and decided to be sneaky and "stop by the mall for dinner" on our way out of town. Turns out it was strictly for cake pickup. I thought he was crazy, but again he thinks ahead. He had hid an ice chest in the trunk. Good man.

So if I had to rate it I'd give this birthday a 9 for minimal singing and tons of fun. Had I not had to hear that awful son Friday it would be a ten.

On a funny  note Wednesday a student asked when my birthday was and another student immediately butted in with "There are two things you don't ask Mrs. B, her birthday and her address!" I nearly fell in the floor laughing when she said that.

Hope you all have a great Sunday, I'm going to be eating my leftover fried pickles and Dippin Dots cake and playing with this little guy:

{photo www.twosuez.com}