Snow Day

February 12, 2010

The mail lady walked through my snow. Luckily she was down the street before I had a chance to see it. Usually the mail lady is afraid of the crazy dogs barking through the glass door, I kind of wonder how she would have reacted to two dogs barking and a 23 year old in her pajamas yelling at her through the front door. She got lucky. I may be acting like a little kid, but I can count the number of times I've seen snow stick on one hand. Thank you Louisiana.

Maddie was very unhappy about the snow, and she really really had to potty, after staring at it in hopes it would go away she quickly ran under the trampoline to do her stuff. Ellie on the other hand was no amused with the idea and after sticking her head out of the doggy door she decided she could hold it and went and got in bed with Jeremy. Ellie did eventually come out though, she went the no snow route and somehow got in a bush next to the house.

And yup, that is my trampoline, my Dad was going to chunk the old thing and I wouldn't let him so it came to live with me. Little kids love our house for that fact, but so do some of the "big kids". While we were on our honeymoon some friends of our surprised us by planting bushes in front of the house. Well they eventually broke into the house through the doggy door and played on the trampoline before leaving.


  1. beautiful pics! that third pic down is so pretty -- i love snow covered trees =)

  2. Wasn't it beautiful! It went so fast :(