Last Weekends Events

February 6, 2010

Some little guys nasty little cord fell off last Friday and it just so happened I got to be in town for his first bath!

That same small person was then subjected to pictures which involved him being propped up again and again. And one very funny one when his Mommy made her crazy noise at him, that always makes him stop crying and give you this look.
 Slightly a shocked look, kinda scared. But hey, it works, he stops crying.
We did a lot of this...

And yes my Dad has caused this baby to become addicted to sleeping like that while listening to History Channel. Side effects have included baby hair loss resulting in looking more like his grandfather. I suspect next he will grow a mustache and ask to be taken outside so he can smoke as well.

Pop's Birthday was also last Saturday, so we made him a cake. And grilled steaks, but they aren't as interesting.


Have you ever wondered what 71 candles look like lit on a 9" round red velvet cake?

Once the cake started melting we made him blow them out. I suspect in birthdays to come I may need to make a sheet cake. My mother then forced Laura, Pop, and the baby who can't yet speak his mind about the matter into taking a 4 generation picture.

Said child was also forced to wear a banana suit. He looks seemingly like the Pope.


  1. you are hilarious! i need to hire you to liven up my blog captions =)

  2. He is soooo cute! I love that your dad has him addicted to sleeping while listening to the History channel. However, I see that being a problem when he has to take history in school. The cake picture is HILARIOUS. I think next year you might want to just get the number candles though!

  3. He is such a CUTE baby! Love all the pictures :)

  4. Beautiful Baby and love the cake.
    Aunt S.

  5. Love the pictures! Laura looks so happy in the generation picture! =)