When the WO is missing

January 26, 2010

Ever have this problem? I am almost too ashamed to admit it, but it is just way too funny.

My professor tonight gave us a break in the middle of a two hour high energy elementary school physical education lesson and made very clear in his Irish accent that the girl's bathroom was on the left, the men's was on the right and the water fountain was outside. So I walked out completely out of breathe and not even trying to read and simply following direction and went to the bathroom. This was all fine and dandy till a man walked in and I pointed out to him that he was in the wrong bathroom and pointed out where his bathroom was, until he pointed to the giant men's sign on the door. I totally freaked out, as usual, and luckily no one else was around to see this debacle. I really was wondering why the seat was up in the "women's" bathroom and assumed it must have recently been cleaned.

Just goes to show that the "exercise increases learning" statistic doesn't include "reading bathroom signs during a Kinesiology class."


  1. that is completely something i would do! speaking of public restrooms...the other weekend we stopped in hot springs to eat at a restaurant called bubbalou's. i went to the restroom, and it was one of those that only has room for a single person. i remember the door lock looking shifty but i locked it anyway...then in comes a little girl while i'm on the loo, lol. i continually said to her "someone's in here please get out". but then in comes her mom who isn't much older than me, and all three of us are in a single bathroom. i had to tell her to leave as well! talk about an awkward situation, lol =)

  2. Do you remember when you were about to do this at a McDonalds out of town and Nanny stopped you? You seem to have a thing for Men's bathrooms.


  3. Not to mention vomiting in the men's room at Mickey D's in London!!
    You would think that you would ALWAYS read the door sign!
    Love ya,

  4. Using my exceptional powers of observation, I am sensing a pattern here.