Hiking in 20 Degree Weather

January 13, 2010

Allow me to backtrack.

Remember the Amish outing? Well scroll down a bit. Okay anyway...we started to go hiking to this waterfall close to Mr. James's house the day we went to the Amish store, but it was twenty degrees outside and we were barely dressed for hiking in fifty degree weather.

So the next day...

We headed off to hike to the waterfall much more appropriately dressed.
To get to this approiately dressed point to hike through was use to be mud was was frozen solid I had to put on {since I didn't just pack winter clothes like a sane human} jean with wind pants over them, a long sleeve shirt then a sweat shirt then a wind breaker with a scarf wrapped around my head and huge gloves. Starting this 2 1/2 mile hike I was cold cold cold, coming back up the mountain I got so hot I was pulling off everything, then I got so worn out trying to breathe in that really cold weather I made Jeremy carry me about 100 yards of the way back. Poor Jeremy.

Once we got there the thing was nearly froze over. It was a lot of fun though, and a great workout. I really wish we had places like that to hike here. 



  1. Beautiful Pictures!!!
    Aunt S.

  2. Wow that looks sooo pretty. I think I could live in Amish country!