Devil's Punch Bowl

January 24, 2010

I got a new Greg Isles book yesterday and I am so excited to read it. I absolutely love his character Penn Cage...there is a good chance I will ignore things I need to do and read this book istead. His book Turning Angel is hands down favorite right next to Honeymoon by James Patterson. All I've read so far is the first chapter and I am hooked!


  1. thanks for the sweet comment! your comment about the dog list made me laugh =)

    btw, i met greg isles one time. he lives in natchez, and when i used to work at the sport's center in the mall he came in there one day to buy cleats for his son. i wasn't for sure if it was him until after he signed his credit card receipt, but he was polite and didn't talk much at all. but i still thought it was cool. i tried to get my manager to let me keep the receipt lol, but he wouldn't let me =)

  2. that's so cool, never pictured his wife working in know she doesn't need to do it for the money! and your friend is wrong for that, lol =)