Oh Baby Baby

January 11, 2010

Laura had the baby! Pop{our grandfather} told him he couldn't show up while we were all at the Shrine Saturday night and he did good, we managed to get home before the fun started. Jeremy and I made it to bed about 11 and Pop said he got in bed about 12am and at 12am Mom walked in our room and said Laura's water broke. Honestly I'd like to say we were excited but when she said it I said okay and we both rolled back over, she then said they were leaving and I freaked out {because I finally realized what was happening} and jumped out of bed. We then made it half way through town, realized we left something, turned back around, and finally remembered to call Dad.

Once we were at the hospital no one was taking us serious that she was in labor. They took their time getting down to us and then wheeled us up to Labor and Delivery slow as humanly possible. I don't know about Laura but that this point I was ready to push the nurse to make her move faster.

When they finally got her in and checked her the nurse realized she was dilated ten, which led to the other nurse not believing her and checking her herself. By this point it was about 12:45. They then moved her to the delivery room and came and got me. I won't go into detail because what happened next was the funniest but most disgusting thing I have ever experienced. By the time I decided where the safest and least disgusting place was to stand the doctor walked in, she pushed three times{literally}, and we had a baby at 1:14am.

I was super excited though because not only did I get to cut the nasty cord but I got to hold him first, even before Laura.

Needless to say I told Laura if he was ugly I'd let her know, and as soon as they set him on the table I noticed he had Laura's ugly feet{identical to her ugly feet no less} and yelled back to her that he had her ugly feet. The nurses were cracking up at me for being so blunt with her, at least Laura wasn't mad...but it is no secret that her feet aren't something you'd want to run into in a dark ally.

I even pulled out baby pics this morning to show Jeremy that he indeed was a Cater baby. He looks like a cross between Laura and I when we were little. 

Joshua Liam
6lbs 10oz
19 1/2 inches


  1. congrats on being an aunt! the first and last pictures are my faves, just gorgeous!!!

  2. Oh...so very sweet! Did you have a hard time leaving him to go back home? And, how very cool you got to be in the room and cut the cord.

  3. Wow! Now that's a birth story anyone would want! One hour of labor! I am so jealous! I knew she would go quickly--- just said that to Grace in Wal-Mart the other day. =) I talked to your mom earlier today for a minute. She didn't get to fill me in on everything because he was nursing--- well Laura was nursing, he was hollering. ;)
    I love the same pics Mallory does. That last picture is precious beyond words. How sweet! I was in the delivery room with Leon (did not cut the cord) and pushed as hard as Sarah. I loved it! It was not disgusting, it was beautiful! =)
    Congrats, Auntie Em (Tia, whatever). =)

  4. How precious and what a memory this day will always be for you! Congratulations on becoming an aunt! You're going to be a great one! Your life, and especially Laura's life, is going to forever be changed by that little man. Give him lots of good loving :)

  5. congrats on being an aunt!! he is adorable {but I haven't seen his feet :)}

  6. Beautiful baby and I loved reading your commentary of the birth. Priceless!!
    Aunt. S.

  7. My feet aren't THAT ugly. Besides, why would I be in a dark alley barefooted? And you really should've just had all the details, I'm sure every one would love to hear about the beginning of my three pushes.

  8. He is soooo cute! I'm suprised you didnt take pictures of his feet...it seems like something you'd do haha. But anyway, he is freakin adorable. Congratulations Aunt Emily!!!