Suggestion Box

December 18, 2009

Dear Baby Liam,

In case you haven't noticed you did not receive a graduation invitation. So please be polite and do not attempt to crash Jeremy's graduation party. No one likes party crashers. Also, you are welcome to come any day after Sunday, just not January 2-5. Making your grand entrance while I am in Tennessee would not make you a cool baby, in fact you would be a very uncool baby.

Judging by your past ultra sound pictures you hand appears to be stuck to your face. Unless you plan on getting your own TLC documentary called "Baby with Hand Stuck to Face" about a boy struggling in life while trying to get his hand removed from his face, I suggest you move it or try desperately to pull it off. Because as long as you have had it placed there I would bet you're stuck that way. Haven't you heard the old wives tale about "if you make that face it is likely to stick".

Oh and you better be cute, you will know if you aren't because people will say things like "Oh, its a baby" or I will just flat out tell you you looked better with your hand in your face. But you will know, so don't get your faced messed up trying to escape.

And just so you know when I go visit you at Dr C's office Wednesday, and you better be at his office, I will ask him to insert my suggestions into your suggestion box. Your mother/carrying case doesn't like the idea, but if you show up at graduation I will subject you to Popeye torture. You remember that pug, after he snorted and pushed at you you moved to the complete other side of your small living space making your carrier look rather odd and off to the side.

Up to this point, according to your mother, you have not been a nice baby. This would be a good time for you to become a nice baby.


Your Aunt, who does not want to be called aunt. I will however accept Tia or Meme(like your mother called me)


  1. Oh, you revealed the name! Laura was being mum about it on Facebook. If that is his name, I LOVE it! Very very cute post. Unfortunately, Baby Liam is going to come when he feels like it, unless he's like Eli, who had to be induced. My kid was just too comfy in his snug little home!

  2. She went today to the dr and he said she is already 3 cen and 80% effaced. As long at he doesn't show up at graduation we are good haha

  3. Em, you are terrible! lol But funny as usual! If he's not cute, which he will be, just avoid Pattie Reed because her way out of lying to the mom is "Well, he's just as cute as he can be." She told me that's always the truth. lol
    Anyway, I'll find something nice to say and you better too, Auntie Em. =)

  4. I meant Pattie Morris. Sorry, Pattie. =)

  5. as the aunt of six i have become somewhat of an elder to this game =) but trust me, once this baby comes he will have your heart wrapped around him =)

    btw, my oldest nephew called me maury (or something like it) until he was old enough to say mallory ;)

  6. Meme is cute for Emily. You are so hilarious. Is he a blog reader while in 'the carrier' as you call her, ha! If he has an iphone you better get that kid some 3G or he may not have patience to wait to download your blog! ha!

  7. If Liam calls you meme, people will think your his grandma! LOL And shame on Penny for busting out Ms. Pattie!

  8. Be sure and save a copy of the letter for the little ones baby book. He will treasure it in years to come.
    Aunt S.