It may seem gross...

December 30, 2009

No baby. I think is dislikes cold weather. He is running out of room though because Laura is no longer round, she sticks out funny on the right top side and lower left side. I am assuming it is butt and legs since the head is down. But on the funny gross side I made her laugh when the nurse checked her today and the nurse immediately told her to stop laughing cause she felt the head/water sac bulge out. She was afraid she was about to break her water. Guess that girl is just gonna giggle the baby straight out.

Tomorrow is a full moon and a blue moon. Needless to say our usually not superstitious mother thinks we are getting a New Year's baby. I hope we do, except I did request she go into labor around 9am with a slight break around noon for lunch then deliver at 3pm. In an ideal world this kid wouldn't mess up my sleep. But reality is he probably will.


  1. He will probably mess with my sleep much more in the immediate future - but if old wives tales are in any way true, we may have a New Year's Baby - Full Moon & Blue Moon and that blue moon only comes on New Years every 19 years!

  2. Here's hoping you get some sleep, but it's doubtful ;) Can't wait to see your cute little nephew!

  3. If only it were that easy to schedule it with the baby. He is going to come whenever it is least convenient for you and probably everyone else. I'm suprised Laura has hung on this far though. I thought for sure she would have had him by now