{seven cake trends}

November 8, 2009

I must admit I love cake. I have actually been looking at a box of cake flour all day wanting to make something. And after finding the 7 Hot Cake Trends on The Knot I am convinced now I must make a cake. According to The Know the seven big trends now are:

1. Butter cream frosted cakes. My mom is probably going to love this one. She hates most fondant cake, but I must admit, I too have had a few raunchy fondant cakes...one being my shower cake Gabby and I tried to save, skanky fondant from WalMart is never good.

2. Chocolate cake for the brides cake. Apparently chocolate isn't just for the grooms cake anymore. Funny though after all my fuss over cake I only had that one bite of the wedding cake and never made it to the grooms cake.

3. Playful lines and two-dimensional style pop art flowers. 

4. Dramatic colors. The one they had on theknot.com was white and charcoal.

5. Cake trios


6. Global patterns like Spanish tile. The Knot suggest you use this to honor your heritage.

7. Sophisticated monograms. Monograms seem to be a trend that is going to stick around for awhile, but they are pretty, so why not.


  1. butter cream is edible, fondant - not always edible

  2. i honestly don't think i've ever had a fondant cake -- now you're making me curious, lol. our wedding cake was buttercream, and between moving it from the wedding venue in hot springs to natchez, then moving it with us to shreveport, we decided not to eat the topper on our one year anniversary because we didn't trust a cake that had been frozen, thawed, then frozen again =) if you like cakes you should follow the "cake wrecks" blog...they feature cute cakes but mostly cakes gone wrong =)


  3. Oh I am soooo sorry for you that you didnt eat the grooms cake! I for one say it was SUPER DELICIOUS! Wish I could have another piece right now.

  4. Ewww I hate fondant. Thats why I refused to let them put it on my wedding cake or Avery's bday cake. I mean I lovvvvve cake, but fondant kinda just ruins it for me!

  5. I love cake!!

    I had a Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Raspberry Mouse and Butter Cream Frosting. Thankfully they saved us a couple of pieces to enjoy on the honeymoon. :D