a bit of a problem

November 24, 2009

This morning when I got up to clean the kitchen...which I should have done last night. I noticed something. Every single night, reguardless whether they sleep in our room or somewhere else, the dogs insist on pushing every pillow off of the couch...except for the middle one with a different pattern. Every day I also refold the same blanket and set it back onto the window seat and every night Ellie takes in upon herself to unfold, and sometimes flat out move it. Seriously weenie dogs? Must you constantly untiddy everything I tiddy up! Honestly though, Maddie hates cleaning. I'm not joking, if I mop she sits outside looking in the doggie door waiting for me to stop...and yesterday when I was vacuuming she sat outside looking in for the cleaning to end.

I know I've talked about this before, but these two are the opposite of that Clean Sweap show. Good thing long legs only unmakes the bed completely every night{when I make it, I have given up making the bed everyday}, if he started messing up pillows too I just may go crazy.

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