Let the countdown begin!

November 17, 2009

As of midnight tonight it will officially be three school days until Thanksgiving break...and it has been a good 5 years since I have experienced the full week holiday that elementary and secondary school has to offer. Whoop whoop! I seriously need this break, I feel like the life has been sucked out of me. What is really bad is that I now prefer sitting in a meeting all day even though I know tomorrow will be chaos trying to recover from whatever they think they can get away with after having a sub. Oh the chaos...that is the one thing they have down pat. I honestly haven't wanted to workout regularly in about two months, crazy how much this drains out your brain. If anyone loves to put up laundry, I have finally started to put up stuff...but nowhere near done.

And do you know what is even more fun than no school? Planning the Thanksgiving dinner(or lunch in our family's case). So tell me...does your family eat a Thanksgiving dinner or lunch? So far on our menu Mom and I are making turkey, ham, a mushroom brioche stuffing{we both hate cornbread and are always trying something new}, and I found a good green bean recipe that sounds good. But I sure am going to miss Nanny's brisket. I swear she started my horseradish addiction with that brisket. I rarely want to eat beef, but when I do I want horseradish with it.

I feel like driving through Arby's now just to have something to put horseradish on.


The Knot {dot} com/the wedding planning bible put up a list of bouquets you'll love...and on the first line of pictures was this:

...and yes, I love it. It look exactly like mine minus the white peonies. Gosh I love peonies! 

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  1. I guess we'll have to bring the stuffing...