Ring Cleaning Tip

February 11, 2009

I found a pretty good ring cleaning tip. Use warm water a soft tooth brush and some dish soap...and voila...clean ring. I have seen a few tips that say to use tooth paste, and I'm sure it works great, but a couple of people have said that it can be to abrasive to the diamond. Appraently there is some coating on your pretty little bling that makes it super shiney and tooth paste will scratch it.

**On a side note I get to meet with the florist againt to finalize next week, and I get to meet with Regina at Twin Oaks to decide on the menu and all the other fun stuff. Whoo hoo nothing is more fun in the world than food! I have a feeling I'm gonna spend the whole reception being a pig;)


  1. aww man i've been using toothpaste forever...no wonder my diamond is kinda dingy! ooops...and i love the guest book table idea...

    have fun picking the menu!

  2. I cant figure out how to get my signature to post itself under my blogs. I tried but it just comes up letters and numbers. Help! Ooops I am the one who told her to use toothpaste. Live and learn.

  3. I am another who has used toothpaste! Learned something new today! Thanks!