The dress I almost bought

February 7, 2009

There is a way better pic of this dress on the front page of the Thread site.{}

But anyhoo this is as close as your gonna get to seeing my dress before 5/30/09...and by the looks of it as close as I can get to seeing it too.{mine has yet to be shipped and three weeks late might I add} I still love love this dress, the material is so different and not the regular ruffle everyone is doing these days. But there were two things getting between me and this dress...the mom and the money. This lovely little number cost about twice what my Thread dress cost.

Guess it's good I didn't buy it though because not long after a pic of my beloved McClean dress was put on the main page I decided to show it to Mr. Groom and the conversation went this way...

me: "Wanna see the dress I almost bought for the wedding?"
mr. groom: "What's with the material?"
me: "Are you serious that is the entire point of the dress! Wow well can't wait for you to see what I bought."

That is just a snipet of the whole "is all your taste in your mouth" conversation. Sadly enough I think he wouldn't know the difference if I wore a white trash bad and tied it at the waist with a rope. Men. haha


  1. omg they seriously need to send your dress!

    btw, valentine's day is no big deal - i actually scheduled a session for avery w/ jami that day so we will be out of town. charlie will just have to be his own Valentine! LOL

  2. Be nice to J. He did not know that you were going to be so detail oriented for the wedding.
    Love, "The" Mom