Furbabies + Wedding = Something to talk about

February 5, 2009

Oh how I would love to have my furbabies in my wedding but two crazed daschunds who have no idea they are dogs can only end in disaster. For one my chunky monkey Ellie thinks that I must do as she says at all times, no joke, she seriously walks up to me constantly with this half growl like she is complaining. Not to forget about the little demon who has a taste for drywall, bones just aren't enough for her. Maddie is constantly chewing on everything{walls, Ellie, carpet, herself, shoes, clothes, the couch, brick, pine cones, tables, etc.} so it would only be a matter of time before she got bored and chewed through something. Maddie's other problem involves the fact that when she gets excited she poops. So I can see it now...the furbabies are walking down the aisle...Ellie is walking as close to the edge as the sidewalk as she can without falling off while growling at every guest and Maddie would notice all the people, immediately start running as hard as she can{leashes don't mean anything to her she will drag you/choke herself} and I'd guess right as she makes it close to Jeremy and I she decides to take care of puppy business.

Now don't get me wrong dogs are great in weddings sometimes. For instance my cousin had her well trained pup in her's and all was well. Another wedding I heard of all went well, but the furbaby was a bridesmaid with dress and the whole sha-bang; I'm glad it went well for them but in a small southern gossip pit/town the last thing you want are the guest gossping with everyone in town about your lack of taste in dresses...and dresses on a dog for that matter. It's one thing to give your pup a cute flower collar for the big day and have them join in on the fun but please people if they were ment to wear Davids Bridal the store would have a dog line.

***As a side note my dry wall eating demon furbaby didn't just chew on the cornerof the wall, she chewed a whole straight through the flat part of it and all while she was two months old with her tiny demon pup teeth. ***

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  1. that was pretty hilarious! you couldn't set them in some type of carriage and let a little kid walk em down? i dunno, even typing that sounded disastrous! HEHEHE