February 17, 2009

Peonies...oh yay my hands down favorite flower of all time. I'm really not much for roses, as you will be able to tell. {my wedding flowers are white carnations and peonies} Only problem though is I'm not totally sure how I want my bouquet to look. I know I want nosegay{I should do a post later on types of arrangements} but after that I like both of the bouquets I have pictured. But now to choose between the green leaves or the green hydrangea...I like the how the blooms are open on the hydrangea one though. Funny thing is the florist was trying to talk me into fake flowers the first time I met with her, I kept telling her that I didn't care about the price if this was the only time in my life I would shell out over a hundred for stinking flowers. Plus its just my opinion but I hate to see fake flowers at a wedding, and having an outdoor weding surrounded by real flowers would only make it even more obvious that they were fake.
Well Thursday I'm going into town to talk to the florist again and hopefully have things done my way and no other imputs even considered. {last time there was an attempt to talk me into square vases but I bought my cylinder one so there haha}

PS. The wedding dress just came in, I can't wait to try it on! Whoo Hoo!!


  1. I am with you, fresh is best! You only get married once right. Do what you want. I like the leaves better in the nosegays, the lemon leaves. I think that is what they call them.
    what color carnations and peonies?

  2. OMG definitely fresh...only once right!

    and i LOVE LOVE LOVE the peonies. i like the 2nd arrangement better.

    don't let anyone talk you into anything you don't want...stand strong...i know you will!

    are y'all going to the 3rd eye blind concert...i was thinking it would be nice for me and charlie to have a date night...i can't decide though?

  3. to answer your question, i responded to it on my blog :)