How to Make a Statement at Your Bachelorette Party

November 9, 2022

 Before your big day, you have a whole other type of party to plan: your bachelorette party. While you will undoubtedly be more focused on your wedding, it’s still important to put time and effort into this exciting event. It’s a chance to let your hair down and enjoy some time with your nearest and dearest, after all!

To make sure your bachelorette party is the best it can be, you want to make a statement. You want people to know that you’re on the lead-up to your big day and that you’re super excited about it! To ensure your party reflects that, read on.

Dress the Part

Now is not the time for a perfect white dress. Instead, you want to go above and beyond with your outfit. Of course, what you wear depends on the theme, location, and type of bachelorette party you are having. Generally, though, you should wear an eye-catching outfit that shows off your excitement!

Of course, no outfit is complete without accessories, so consider adorning a Judith Leiber bag from for your bachelorette evening. It’s the perfect way to liven up an outfit while showcasing your bold personality. Wear a classic sparkly clutch for a classy evening, or be a little more fabulous with a novelty clutch that captures everyone’s attention. With a statement bag like this, you are sure to be the center of attention. Of course, that is the point at your bachelorette party!

Pick the Perfect Location

The location of your bachelorette party matters. If you’re looking to party, choose somewhere lively, vibrant, and fun. You could celebrate on the beach, or you could hit the town, visiting all the best bars. Wherever you pick, remember that the location makes the backdrop of the party, so you want it to be perfect.

Have a Theme

A theme can bring a party to life. Plus, it’s a fun way to ensure all your friends can have coordinated outfits! Some popular bachelorette party themes include a masquerade, tropical, Disney Princesses, 80s fashion, and disco.

Send Personalized Invitations

The art of personalized physical invitations has yet to be lost. Instead of sending out e-mails or messages to invite your girls, send customized invitations with all the necessary information on them. Make sure the invitations include the time, location, and dress code. Your friends will love receiving such a personalized invite in the mail!

Get Your Hair and Makeup Professionally Done

You have likely booked bridal hair and makeup slots for your wedding day. Consider going to a professional for your bachelorette party, too. You want to look your best, especially with how many pictures are likely to be taken! Plus, getting your hair and makeup done adds an extra bit of sparkle to the day. You could even get your friends together for it so that everyone looks incredible.  

Your bachelorette party is a chance to go wild and have fun with your friends. Whether you choose to party the night away, go to a retreat, relax at the beach, or head to a festival, make a statement with a great outfit and location backdrop. Then, when you look back at the pictures in years to come, you’ll be glad you put effort into such a special occasion.