Freezing in the Park

November 15, 2022

 We did a touch of the wandering arounds this weekend. Those can be few and far between during the school year thanks to the insanity that is youth ministry life. 

Now, in reverse order. 

Sunday night our church had a night of worship at the pavilion downtown. (as per the youth pastor wife usual,  I was wrangling wild animals alone) It took a touch of convincing (threats) to get everyone to do as I wanted them to, but he combination of loud noises and open air will really test a little boy's ability to listen and do as their mother says. 

They'll still be getting trucked around with that wagon until they're in college. It's almost like dog training, they need a base point to know where they need to hang out at. 

I've spent a lot of time trying to figure out who this little milk man's baby looks like. Turns out it's me, with Jeremy's coloring. But he's looking more and more like I do. 

In the most fun news of the weekend we headed out to Moncus Park in Lafayette. I had won a giveaway from Cajun Acres and we took that chance to go out there and play. 

For a couple kids constantly complaining that they want to play at the park with the frog (Hoover Met in Alabama) this finally suited their fancy. 

We came out last Spring, but hadn't been back since the children's area was open. 

They got a huge kick out of the tree house. 

My child who clearly doesn't feel temperature... or probably runs so much that he gets hot even in freezing cold weather.