Faster Way to Fat Loss Update

October 7, 2021

 I thought I'd do an update of where I'm at with Faster Way, it's been a minute. 

I'm still in the program, I don't know if I've lost more weight or inches... I have weighed or measured. Honestly, that's the freedom I've found in this program, I don't feel the need to see a number. 

Not on a scale. 

Not on a tape measure. 

All I care about is that my clothing fits. 

And everything is fitting really well. I recently ordered some new jeans (if you follow me on IG you'll see me joking about what Old Navy deems as jeans these days) and actually went down a size totally expecting them to not come past my thighs... y'all they fit. 

So fine, I'm doing the program and working out to a T right? You might be thinking that. 

Actually, I give myself some flexibility and grace. For starters I love food, cooking, trying new places. I can't live my life in the restricted bubble I was once in during my Paleo days. I need to eat a donut with the kids, try a new ice cream place, or just order what looks fun on a menu. 

One meal won't kill me. 

I generally avoid gluten, I say that having made a big pan of lasagna this weekend and some Pioneer Woman bread. (I need to post that lasagna recipe soon) Most of my meals don't involve gluten, the weekend gets gluten... and chicken nugget Wednesday. 

We've had a long standing Chicken Nugget French Fry Wednesday and I diligently work it into my macros. The kids would be so disappointed if it went away, so I make it work. No it's not some pretty veggie filled meal, but it's a tradition that the kids look forward to. 

Now for dairy... I don't cut it. 

Having done Whole30 in the past and years in Paleo, I know what bothers me. Certain types of dairy bother and and I limit those. But to X dairy totally... it would never fly. Dairy is right next to peanut butter in our house, if you have an allergy to it we might accidently kill you. There's that much hanging around. 

I don't do a ton of supplements. I put collagen peptides in my coffee every morning, half for the collagen benefits and half for the protein. In your mid 30s and on you need to do whatever you can to get as much collagen and protein as you can. I also keep a tub of protein powder around for when I need to make my favorite protein macro bar or if I am just really struggling with protein that day. 

I also take a multivitamin and zinc daily. But that's it. I really love ashwagandha but haven't taken it in awhile. 

If you're now thinking, okay, so you can be a touch flexible with food and keep it in your macors... let me tell you something else. This summer has been a doosie, getting back to our "adult hometown" has been a doosie, and worst of all my allerigies are back in full swing and that doesn't encourage me either. I've missed a few workouts here and there... but the beauty of Faster Way is that I can jump right back in, and having kept up my macros I don't have far to go to be back to normal. 

All missing a workout here or there, or a week if I'm sick, has done to me is caused some sore muscles. Let me assure you, those Faster Way ladies will whoop your butt in 30 minute in the best way possible. 

One more aside before I log off, this company is essentially the Chick-Fil-A of the workout industry. How you say? Well the founder Amanda Tress is a Christian (that's not why I joined) and they're even helping fund a church plant in Tampa. On top of that the company frequently donates to St. Jude and our yearly 5K is for St. Jude as well. Both of which are so refreshing to me, a fitness company that isn't just wanting you're cold hard cash, they are so community driven it just makes me giddy.