King Cake Reviews || Gracious Bakery Recipe

January 11, 2021

It's another King Cake Season... and that means I'm continuing my quest for a cake that is "up to snuff." 

First up for the year was the recipe for Gracious Bakery's king cake, they're out of New Orleans.  

Gracious Bakery King Cake Recipe

The dough was a great enriched brioche style. It has a wonderful butter flavor and makes the perfect small king cake. 

Seriously, for our family size, it is the perfect size cake. 

The filling is good and is very much bakery style, but your first bite you'll think exactly what Jeremy said "that's a lot of cinnamon." The more bites in and the less the cinnamon is attacking your senses. 

My only real complaint was the icing, I'm not for the glaze. I used less water than the recipe called for and it was still so runny that most came right off of the cake. 

I'll definitely be making this cake again, possible with a different filling and icing option, but only because the dough is just that good. 

It's not often I get a dough where I can really taste the butter, but you can really taste the butter in this style of dough. 

Now if someone will just tell me the type of dough Keller's in Lafayette uses, then my life would be complete.