How to Incorporate Wedding Traditions into the Modern Wedding

January 25, 2021

 Congratulations: you’re getting married! This celebration of your love for your partner is a chance to start your journey together with family close and luxuries all around. 

Weddings are made up of traditions, although they go over most people’s heads. If you’re planning a 21st-century wedding but want to incorporate some old traditions into your marriage, try the list below and put your own spin on these old wives’ tales!

Mother of the Bride

Traditionally, the mother of the bride would have had the majority share of responsibility when it came to planning her daughter’s big day. Keeping this tradition alive may be ancient and unnecessary, but it will give the mother of the bride a chance to remain involved in the plans if that’s something you both want.

Some great tasks to delegate to your mother are things that only she can do – and she can do them perfectly just by being your mother. If you feel a sense of disagreement on wedding decisions, explain that you’d prefer warm support: a consistent cheerleader and compliment-queen to help ease the pressure.

When it comes to the big day, it’s customary for the mother of the bride to greet guests and ensure their comfort at the ceremony and reception. Regarding attire, the mother of the bride is traditionally dressed in a color scheme that compliments the after-party and avoids matching her daughter. Smart, fitted dresses from boutiques, such as, who specializes in comfortable, elegant solutions for plus size ladies, are a great place to look!

The Bridal Bouquet

Traditionally, you wouldn’t have taken that all-important walk down the aisle with roses in hand. Instead, it would’ve been a mix of herbs, including garlic and dill. Although you probably don’t want to carry garlic on the way to meet your new husband, you can keep this tradition alive by including these herbs, once considered luxurious, in your meal plan.

Check out this article to see the meaning behind the herb and how to incorporate it into your big day!

Rice tossing at the Bride and Groom

Customarily, guests would throw rice at the bride and groom after their ceremony to symbolize a wish of good luck, which included healthy offspring, profitable harvests, and general happiness for the couple. This is a great ritual that’s fun for everyone and provides a great photo opportunity for the newlyweds, too. 

To carry forward this tradition without polluting or harming wildlife, ask guests to use a replacement, such as biodegradable confetti or bubbles. They will carry the same good luck and make for beautiful photos – without all the mess!

To decide exactly how you’d like your guests to celebrate this with you, see why not consider these seven awesome alternatives?

The Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is a staple of tradition, unchanged for centuries. The tiered structure represents the pile of hot scones that newly-weds would be challenged to kiss over in Medieval England many years ago. If they could successfully smooch without knocking down the tower, it was said that their future would be happy with one another.

It was also a widely practiced tradition to save and freeze the top tier of the cake in order to reinvent it at the first child’s Christening. These days, getting married and having children don’t go hand in hand, as they used to.

To incorporate this long-standing tradition into your marriage, you could have the top tier remade on special occasions, such as anniversaries.

In conclusion…

Your wedding will be made up of many traditions. Choosing the ones that hold the most meaning in your relationship can be a great way to start your life together!